We are all warriors against breast cancer. Are you personally battling breast cancer? Are you a survivor? Have you watched a friend or a loved one be a warrior against this disease? Athena® water wants to hear your story.

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Loving a Dying Friend

I started a journey in June 2010.  If I had been given any foreknowledge of the outcome, I may have chosen differently. However, hindsight is golden. I wouldn't trade the months between June 2010 and March 2011. If I had, I would have missed one amazing journey with one of the people I loved most in the world. I met my friend, Jennifer, through the activities of...

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Sarah Merchant

I was 28 years old, only a few years after I graduated from college. I had a beautiful son and a great career. It was then that I noticed a ping pong sized lump in my left breast. I waited a week before I went to the doctors, thinking I had just banged into something and that it would heal on its own. When I did go to the doctors they said I was much too young for breast cancer and that it was most likely a cyst, but they sent me to the...

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Rose growing in Mud

 I was diagnosed May 08, 2013 over the phone no less. I was in shock and really hoping to be in the 80%. She said I had invasive ductal carcinoma. A few weeks earliar i had shared with coworkers my concern to finding a lump in my breast. It had been there for a while but i had been distracted by back issues i had been having for 3 years. Physical therapy, chiropractic visits 2-3 times per week, neuromuscular therapy...


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Selling Hair for a Cause and a Cure

Hi my name is Karen and I am the Founder of Quality Virgin Hair. At Quality Virgin Hair I not only sell foreign hair extensions but I specialize in wigs for cancer patients. From the very first time I donated one of our wigs to this beautiful lady who is now a proud cancer survivor, the smile on her face along with the look in her eyes and not to mention the enormous hug she gave me, I then knew at that very moment that this has changed...

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Hope Lives!

Gina Cook's Story

No longer surviving but Thriving

My name is Gina, and what an honor to share my story with you. My prayer is that somewhere along the line of my story, you will feel hope and strength.

They say time flies when you are having fun. I would like to say time has flown because my life has been a blast, full of laughter and health, yet looking...


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I'm a Mother, Pregnant trying to beat Advanced Breast Cancer

Lisa recently became pregnant which was a blessing, as Steve really wanted another baby. Lisa was nervous about being pregnant with her Lupus as it can complicate the pregnancy and there was a higher chance of her miscarrying the baby. She finally got to the point where she was about 21 weeks pregnant and feeling confident about not losing the baby. She recently found out she was having another sweet baby girl. Last...


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My Grandmother

My grandmother was a proud woman. When she found out she wanted me my mom and my other two siblings to stay with her for a while because she lived in Tennessee and we didn’t see her a lot living in Michigan. After we stayed with her for about a year in her little tiny apartment with my grandpa and his old dog she had to have surgery. Her left breast had to be cut...


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Love Them Now

 Hi!  Just ran across your site and wanted to say a heart-felt THANK  YOU for all you do.  I recently formed a non-profit designed to help those in acute need.  This October we're helping women who've recently undergone surgery due to breast cancer.  It would be cool if we could partner in some way.  Here's a little info, but feel free to contact me anytime!...


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Living with Stage IV Breast Cancer

I will never forget the day in 2009 when I found out I was of one of 155,000 US people living with metastatic breast cancer.

The oncologist said my breast cancer had spread to my lumbar vertebrae:  “Hopefully the disease will remain under control for a long time although an ultimate cure is probably unattainable.”

You know how ...


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From Damaged Goods to Beautiful and Sexy

I heard the words on my 37th birthday ~ "You have breast cancer." In that instant everything in my world shifted. Now, 23+ years later, I can say that this has been the biggest source of growth and transformation in my life, and has become the source of my life's work.