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Sunday, September 15 2013 @ 03:53 pm UTC

 I was diagnosed May 08, 2013 over the phone no less. I was in shock and really hoping to be in the 80%. She said I had invasive ductal carcinoma. A few weeks earliar i had shared with coworkers my concern to finding a lump in my breast. It had been there for a while but i had been distracted by back issues i had been having for 3 years. Physical therapy, chiropractic visits 2-3 times per week, neuromuscular therapy and prescriptions for muscle relaxers and pain meds. Come to find out most if not all of my back problems were related to the cancer. 6 months prior to diagnosis I could barely walk or sit up unassisted. I had lost almost all bladder control and could not bend at the waist. In June after multiple tests and scans that I am Stage 4 breast cancer with bone mets. No known familial history. They said ive had it for at least 2 years. Im 37. 


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