We are all warriors against breast cancer. Are you personally battling breast cancer? Are you a survivor? Have you watched a friend or a loved one be a warrior against this disease? Athena® water wants to hear your story.

Selling Hair for a Cause and a Cure

Hi my name is Karen and I am the Founder of Quality Virgin Hair. At Quality Virgin Hair I not only sell foreign hair extensions but I specialize in wigs for cancer patients. From the very first time I donated one of our wigs to this beautiful lady who is now a proud cancer survivor, the smile on her face along with the look in her eyes and not to mention the enormous hug she gave me, I then knew at that very moment that this has changed from just a passion to now a mission in life.
I decided that I would make it my life's mission to specialize in Wigs for Cancer Patients. I sit with them (in-person, over the phone or via webcam) and get to know their personality. We look at pictures of how they wore their hair before hair loss. I then begin on building their custom-made hairpiece. My ultimate goal is to help them regain that self-confidence and self esteem back that was stolen by Cancer. I've created my own organization that is dedicated to them by every 5 wigs I sell, I'm donating 1 Free Wig to a Cancer Patient that can't afford to pay. And it doesn't stop their, I'm also donating a percentage of my proceeds from my bundled hair to help those cancer patients that need help paying their doctor bills and hospital bills. Everyone has been affected by Cancer in some way. I encourage everyone to please get involved to Fight for a Cause.