My Grandmother

Monday, October 15 2012 @ 08:58 pm UTC

My grandmother was a proud woman. When she found out she wanted me my mom and my other two siblings to stay with her for a while because she lived in Tennessee and we didn’t see her a lot living in Michigan. After we stayed with her for about a year in her little tiny apartment with my grandpa and his old dog she had to have surgery. Her left breast had to be cut off. Over time we found out how she really was. We loved her to death. When my mom didn’t have a job and couldn’t take care of us she was there. We moved back to our birth home to live with our dad. One day she came to see us and our cousins and the whole family. The next day she died in her sleep. My grandpa said she wouldn’t wake up. I cried so much my heart was scared for life. We couldn’t go to the funeral. It was in Tennessee and we just got settled with our dad. I miss her so much to this day not out of regret but out of love. Breast cancer changes lives and it makes people stronger. Sometimes it destroys. I'll always remember her listening to her favorite song and hearing her sing. I know now what it is to lose a loved one. Thank GOD while yours are still on earth because you never know.


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