Ordinary good news

by Karen on May 18, 2015

IMG_3101 - Version 2I got good news from my oncologist a couple of weeks ago. It was just a regular every-other-month checkup. Just ordinary good news.

But sometimes, ordinary good news is the best news of all. It feels like permission to begin life anew – to make more plans and dream more dreams. It’s the sort of good news that’s particularly apt this time of year, when flowers are blooming, bumblebees are buzzing and robins are nesting.

The grass seems to grow even as my husband mows it, and the weeds pop up faster than I can pull them. There’s a soft dusting of fine, yellow pollen on the windowsills, and every now and then a whirlygig red maple seed twirls to the ground. I sneeze a lot, but I am well, and that’s good.IMG_3260 - Version 2

The strawberries are ripe at the Farmer’s Market. Soon we will have local blueberries and peaches, too. Friends will share the tomatoes from their vines. And we will delight in ordinary good food that tastes better than the finest haute cuisine.

We’re celebrating with friends who are graduating from high school or from college or who are getting married. We’re toasting their exciting beginnings and the ordinary good lives that lie ahead.

As I write this – from our family room rather than my home office – I can feel the sun warming the back of my neck through the windows. I can hear the birds chattering their good mornings. Soon, the dog – with her dew-drenched paws – will be scratching to come back into the house. And the day will properly begin.

It’s just an ordinary day, a couple of weeks after my doctor gave me ordinary good news: All is well. Keep doing what you’re doing. See you in two months.

Maybe not so ordinary after all.



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