In-between time

by Karen on December 30, 2013

View through a window onto a deck with pots of pansies in the snow

A dusting of snow last year ©Karen Gooding 2012

It’s just an ordinary date on the calendar. Not a holiday. Not usually even a vacation day – unless you’re a child. It’s not a date anyone pays attention to. But, I think December 30 is one of my favorite days of the year.

It sits right on the cusp of old and new. Somewhere between jubilant and just another day.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, chances are you’ve been swept along with the frenetic tide of holiday cheer. You’ve likely sent a few cards or decorated your house or wrapped some gifts or attended a party or two or seven. You’ve had a couple of days off of work. If you have young children, they’ve been riding high on sugar and toys and freedom. You may have had moments of giddy excitement and pure joy. Or overwhelming dread and utter exhaustion.

But December 30 – an ordinary day – provides an opportunity to catch your breath, reflect on the year just past and anticipate the year ahead without thinking about what you are going to cook or wear or talk about.

When our kids were small, December 30 was a day to play with new toys or invite friends over or go to a movie. Every now and then, it snowed – a rare delight in the North Carolina Piedmont.

For me – a freelance writer with a flexible schedule – it’s a day to work hard or not. To catch up with friends or soak up some quiet.

Even those with regular nine-to-five jobs are still sort of half on. Catching up after last week’s holiday and anticipating another this week.

It’s that in-between time. In between celebrations. In between work and play. In between old and new.

Wishing you and those you love a wonderful in-between time and a healthy, happy new year.

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