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by Karen on December 2, 2013

brightly colored macarons

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Don’t you just love it when you find out – through no effort of your own – that you’re in style?

You know, like when you wear an old coat of your mom’s because it’s comfy and you like the color, and someone asks where you got that incredible, vintage, up-to-the-minute, on-trend jacket?

Yeah. That’s never actually happened to me.

But I am happy to report that I’ve been eating some particularly fashionable foods lately. Yes, apparently foods can be stylish, too. Kale, anyone?

Take Brussels sprouts. I’ve loved this now-trendy vegetable since I was a child. So has my husband, which according to my mom makes us soul mates. Mom always made Brussels sprouts with a little butter and lemon juice, which is how we eat them about once a week. But I recently got daring and roasted them with pancetta and olive oil and then drizzled them with balsamic vinegar. Pretentious, I know. But, wow, trendy can be yummy.

Then there’s tea. Apparently tea is the new coffee. That’s great for me, because I hate coffee, so I drink hot tea every morning. And now I can find all sorts of interesting blends. I recently tried something called Pirate’s Blend with black tea, coconut shavings, strawberry leaves, and I’ve forgotten what else. Gold shavings and moon rocks, maybe? It was delicious, but I mostly stick to plain old Earl Grey. Oh, and, with apologies to tea aficionados everywhere, I usually heat my water in (Gasp!) the microwave.

I was ahead of the curve on macarons. Not to be confused with macaroons. Macarons, those delicate cream-filled French confections, are the sweet treat of the moment. Of course, I haven’t had any recently, but I did enjoy pistachio macarons in Paris in 2005, and now they’re all the rage, so I think that qualifies me a trendsetter. Besides, cupcakes and cake pops are so-last-decade.

And then, there are those trends I don’t understand. What’s up with putting sunny-side-up eggs on top of everything? Everything. I’ve seen them on pizza, hamburgers, ravioli, soup and, of course, kale. Mostly in photos, but still.

I mean, I like eggs, but I’d rather have them over-easy with some grits (trendy since 2009 – or the 1600s – depending on whom you ask) and bacon (trendy for way too long now).

So, while you’re enjoying your kale and quinoa and Greek yogurt and sriracha, it’s time to start checking out the fashionable food forecasts for 2014.  Those in the know predict we’ll be eating chia seeds, green peas, cauliflower, octopus, trout, buckwheat and a few things I can’t spell.

But here’s the most exciting: Chicken. Yep, you read it here first. (OK, maybe not first) Chicken. Wow. I am so ahead of my time.

Photo Credit: Julien Haler via photopin.

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