Calm amidst the storm

by Karen on July 20, 2015

IMG_0796July is always an unusual month for me. In the heart and heat of summer, work slows down and play picks up.

Last weekend, Jim and I spent a couple of days with dear friends at their house at Lake Santeetlah. Tucked amidst the Great Smoky Mountains near the intersections of North Carolina, Georgia and Tennesee, it is stunningly beautiful. While there, we took walks and boat rides, and we visited other friends nearby. But mostly we just talked and laughed and caught up with one another’s lives.

Other highlights of July: A Minor League baseball game with friends we’ve been meaning to catch up with all summer. Lunch with a close childhood friend and her family, in town for a visit. The always-anticipated annual girls’ trip to the mountains. A beach trip with my extended family last week and later this month with Jim’s.

Oh, and my annual CT scan.

That’s the only part of July I dread. Maybe dread isn’t the right word, since there’s a part of me that – in a perverse sort of way – looks forward to it. Because after it’s over, I’ll know. I’ll know if I have another battle to fight or if I can breathe easy for awhile.

So, the timing of all this treasured time with family and friends couldn’t be better. In between all the power-relaxing, I do a bit of work and catch up on general grown-up responsibilities. But like a kid on summer vacation, I don’t have time to worry.

Late last Saturday afternoon, a storm blew in at the lake. We listened to the thunder echo against the mountains and the rain wallop the lake. From our cozy porch haven, we sipped wine, nibbled honey-drizzled brie and watched a scattering of kayakers scurry to get out of the storm.

Soon enough, the darkness lifted, and sun-sparked striations filled the summer sky. Fluffy white, feather-light clouds settled amidst the curves of tree-carpeted mountains. We watched the sun set from our friends’ boat – silvery blue giving way to purple and pink and orange and gold.

There’s no reason to expect that the results of my scan later this week will be anything but good. After all, I visit my oncologist every two months, and my check-ups, especially since I’ve been taking a groundbreaking new medicine, have been stellar.

Just the same, it helps to know that family and friends and even people I’ve never met are supporting me as gently as the mountains cradle those whispery clouds.


Leigh Curry July 21, 2015 at 10:55 am

Love you. Karen!!

Karen July 21, 2015 at 1:22 pm

Love you, too, Leigh!

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